A service of the PSC/3ROX NOC

beam (Commodity Border Router [Cogent], ACM) cbr-jrt-acm (Commodity Edge/Aggregation Router, ACM) cbr-jrt-mi (Commodity Edge/Aggregation Router, MI)
cpc-rtr (Caching/Peering Border Router, MI) ketel (Commodity Border Router [Lumen], MI) m2m-rtr (Member-Member Router, MI)
trcps-rtr (I2PX Border Router, MI) walker (R&E Border Router, MI)

cassatt (Core 10/100 Brocade Switch, MI) cpc-jsw-mi (Caching/Peering Aggregation Switch, MI) eakins (Core 10/100 Brocade Switch, ACM)
sprite (Core 1/10 Cisco Switch, ACM) squirt (Core 1/10 Cisco Switch, MI)

aicup-rtr (AICUP WWAN Aggregation Router, MI) aicup-rtr-2 (AICUP WWAN Aggregation Router (2), MI) rmu-rtr-acm (RMU Router, ACM)
rmu-rtr-mi (RMU Router, MI)



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